Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pinhole glasses do they work?

If you are having trouble seeing or you find that your eyes easily strain under harsh light then something that maybe of use to you and will help you improve your eyesight is something as wearing some special pinhole glasses. Pinhole glasses have been around for quite some time now but are something that many opticians simply do not want you to know about because it would put them out of work.

Read this  article for more information on gttechandinfolit - on how pinhole glasses work

I have not been wearing these pinhole glasses long but since i have been wearing them they have improved i think my eyesight when i take them off... It does take time for the eyesight to improve though but hopefully soon i will be able to see even more clearly and need to wear glasses anymore.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tibial braces and ankle supports


The new standard of the medical industry

Tibial braces and ankle supports are an effective solution to multiple disorders of the foot and ankle. These devices are necessary again and again in the medical industry thanks to their comfort, their mobility, their flexibility and their possibilities of adjustment on measurement.

Among the wide range of tibial braces and ankle supports, clinicians will be able to focus the options that best suit the needs of their patients.

Expertly designed and manufactured custom, our tibial orthetics and ankle unbecoming to rehabilitation, to the practice of some sports and everyday activities, particularly well. They provide increased support and optimum alignment, prevent or correct various malformations, promote the mobility and relieve various ailments and symptoms. Remaining at the forefront in the design and manufacture, our tibial braces and ankle supports are the new standard of the medical industry.

• Model short or long (Pediatric)
• Articulated hinge (total bending, fixing, temporary or permanent)
• Continuation of the dorsal flexion of the foot (with or without subsequent stop)
• Orthotic full leg non articulated for the retention or brace articulated for mobility
The polynyolene
The fruit of an intelligent search

In 1987,laboratories started working to develop polynyolene, a synthetic resin smart and revolutionary, intended for the manufacture of the used moulding orthotic shell. The polynyolene allows us to fabricate custom Orthotics custom flexibility and elasticity yet unmatched to date. It has feature to resume its shape even after being subjected to extreme twist, flexion and extension movements. Firm enough to provide excellent support and resilient enough to absorb the shocks, the polynyolene is located in the heart of the biomechanical advance of our orthotics.
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Designed specifically for children


Technologically advanced design, the Pediatech foot orthotic provides biomechanical control at the height of the intensity of children!

Available in various printed motifs that will appeal to children, the Plantar fascia orthotic insoles are composed of a polynyolene flexible and thin shell, favourable to the growth of the feet. However, it is rigid enough to correct the position of the feet and the approach of the child. This shell acts directly on the nerve endings that collect the sensations coming from the Interior of the body. These endings are located mainly in antagonist muscles. The orthotic insoles main function is to permanently correct the gait disorders arising from weaknesses and defects of posture of the feet. Stress caused by impacts or premature wear-resistant, it protects the plantar surface. It is any designated solution for the practice of certain activities such as skateboarding and cycling, submitting feet harsh tests.

Not only do the insoles realign the foot and its bony segments, but it also allows to optimize the mechanical progress. It acts immediately on deviations or minor deformities that may worsen or interfere with the growth of the child. A very deep Cup allows maximum control of anterior tarsal (cuboid, scaphoid and the three cuneiform) and hind Tarsus (Astragalus and calcaneum), while the stabilizing elements matched to biomechanical patches promote the growth of the joints. The orthotics are cut slightly longer, age and child growth curve, allowing him to wear longer.

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For people with diabetes


For people with diabetes
Plantar orthotics optimizes the distribution of Plantar pressure points. Its design is based primarily on the balance between the distribution and the reduction of these pressure points, essential prerequisite for therapeutic effectiveness of this type of brace.

Made from a polynyolene of 2-3 mm thick, the Plantar orthotic insoles are safe skin in people with diabetes. It enables the movement of return and maintains constant body temperature.

The Plantar orthotic insole are equipped with a foam cover, which promotes the prevention and healing of the wounds. Its microcells dampen loads of ground contact. Other types of collections are also available, when diabetes is less severe.

Custom molded, the Plantar orthotic insole is in all respects in accordance with the form and dimensions of the shoe, which allows a careful control of the diabetic foot. It is the ideal reference tool for the purchase of new shoes.

The general appearance of the support can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.
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When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!


When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!

The Plantar fascia orthoics for women are designed for dress shoes or raised heel where space is rather limited. Thanks to its ultra-thin polynyolene plate, it combines comfort, correction and discretion. To provide maximum support to the metatarsal heads and ensure the fair distribution of Plantar pressure, each of the shells that we manufacture is cut with surgical precision. Attentive care is also given to the position of the arches, due to the transfer of the centre of gravity and pressure exerted on each foot.

Three types of cuts are available: cutting under the heel without opening the shoe permitting; the cut in the form of O, to ensure the maximum space; and cutting in the form of U, for high heel shoes. The shell of flesh is enhanced with a glossy finish that requires no maintenance.

The camber of the orthosis must be perfectly adapted to the shoe. The heel height must not exceed 5 cm. Otherwise, it would limit the corrective and therapeutic brace action. It is highly recommended that you give us the shoes so that the future brace is perfectly adjusted.

The general appearance of the brace can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.
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When comfort and wellbeing take precedence above all


Plantar fascia orthotics are manufactured with care. Designed primarily for the comfort and well-being, it relieves the hypersensitivity of the feet.

Offering a more subtle control on the remedial plan, the Plantar fascia (fasciitis) orthotics is no less an excellent protection against injuries caused by walking, for example. It is intended specifically for diabetics whose wounds are slow to heal.

The Plantar fascia orthotics are equipped with elements of intrinsic stabilization that adapt to all types of shoes, boots and booties, regardless of the camber.

Based on a material padded platform, which gives it an instant ease, and comfort the foot orthotics provides support and protection while relieving certain injuries and deformities of the foot.

Buying Plantar fascia orthotics is a wise choice for anyone who displays little of adipose tissue under the Plantar fascia side or disturbances of rheumatoid arthritis.

The general appearance of the insoles can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.

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Exclusive and high-performance


To develop our exclusive range of sophisticated sports Orthotics, orthopedics have consulted hundreds of athletes, amateurs and professionals of high level. Result: after years of research and hard work, orthopedics have created the ultimate sports Orthotics that adapt to practiced discipline: the orthotic sport supports.

Following a review and the recommendations of practitioners, orthopedics are conducting an analysis of irritants and biomechanical constraints. Orthopedics then make corrections depending on requirements and of physical tolerance of the athlete. It is then possible to influence several mechanisms such as phases of the movement, flexion-extension, the return of energy, stimulation of mechanical receptors and the work of certain muscles or tendons special. Thus do we optimize the performance of the athlete.

Depending on the sport, the brace stabilizing elements play a role of stimulation, correction and compensation. They absorb also the shock, even the most violent.

In keeping with the range of foot orthotics, the sport orthotics stands by its resistance to impact, significantly higher than any other similar product on the market.

We sometimes wish climb new heights, down steep slopes or push still further its limits. Then try the sports orthotics to propel themselves to excellence!

Materials are selected according to needs of adhesion elasticity or the control of sweating.

The general appearance of the orthotics can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.

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