Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Heel grips

In my last article I explained a lot about plantar faciitis and how you can get it. A reason that i said was because of ill fitting shoes. Badly fitted shoes will mean that you feet will not be supported in the proper position also your feet maybe constantly slipping around and rubbing with the material of the shoes and this may lead to you getting plantar faciitis. However a simple solution can be found that will mean you don't always have to throw out a stylish pair of shoes just because they don't fit. Heel grips will stabilize your heel and make sure it doesn't slip around. The heel grips as the name suggest will grip your heel meaning no more slipping in the heel.

Heel grips are very affordable, often costing no more than a couple pounds online, and can be used on virtually any of you pairs of shoes... however buying a pair of orthotic insoles and plantar faciitis insoles is much more recommended but  if you cannot find a right pair of those insoles then a alternative that will be something that will be light weight and much more cheaper then heel grips are for you.

I have done all the hard work for you and have found a great little site that sells heel grips


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