Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pinhole glasses do they work?

If you are having trouble seeing or you find that your eyes easily strain under harsh light then something that maybe of use to you and will help you improve your eyesight is something as wearing some special pinhole glasses. Pinhole glasses have been around for quite some time now but are something that many opticians simply do not want you to know about because it would put them out of work.

Read this  article for more information on gttechandinfolit - on how pinhole glasses work

I have not been wearing these pinhole glasses long but since i have been wearing them they have improved i think my eyesight when i take them off... It does take time for the eyesight to improve though but hopefully soon i will be able to see even more clearly and need to wear glasses anymore.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tibial braces and ankle supports


The new standard of the medical industry

Tibial braces and ankle supports are an effective solution to multiple disorders of the foot and ankle. These devices are necessary again and again in the medical industry thanks to their comfort, their mobility, their flexibility and their possibilities of adjustment on measurement.

Among the wide range of tibial braces and ankle supports, clinicians will be able to focus the options that best suit the needs of their patients.

Expertly designed and manufactured custom, our tibial orthetics and ankle unbecoming to rehabilitation, to the practice of some sports and everyday activities, particularly well. They provide increased support and optimum alignment, prevent or correct various malformations, promote the mobility and relieve various ailments and symptoms. Remaining at the forefront in the design and manufacture, our tibial braces and ankle supports are the new standard of the medical industry.

• Model short or long (Pediatric)
• Articulated hinge (total bending, fixing, temporary or permanent)
• Continuation of the dorsal flexion of the foot (with or without subsequent stop)
• Orthotic full leg non articulated for the retention or brace articulated for mobility
The polynyolene
The fruit of an intelligent search

In 1987,laboratories started working to develop polynyolene, a synthetic resin smart and revolutionary, intended for the manufacture of the used moulding orthotic shell. The polynyolene allows us to fabricate custom Orthotics custom flexibility and elasticity yet unmatched to date. It has feature to resume its shape even after being subjected to extreme twist, flexion and extension movements. Firm enough to provide excellent support and resilient enough to absorb the shocks, the polynyolene is located in the heart of the biomechanical advance of our orthotics.
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Designed specifically for children


Technologically advanced design, the Pediatech foot orthotic provides biomechanical control at the height of the intensity of children!

Available in various printed motifs that will appeal to children, the Plantar fascia orthotic insoles are composed of a polynyolene flexible and thin shell, favourable to the growth of the feet. However, it is rigid enough to correct the position of the feet and the approach of the child. This shell acts directly on the nerve endings that collect the sensations coming from the Interior of the body. These endings are located mainly in antagonist muscles. The orthotic insoles main function is to permanently correct the gait disorders arising from weaknesses and defects of posture of the feet. Stress caused by impacts or premature wear-resistant, it protects the plantar surface. It is any designated solution for the practice of certain activities such as skateboarding and cycling, submitting feet harsh tests.

Not only do the insoles realign the foot and its bony segments, but it also allows to optimize the mechanical progress. It acts immediately on deviations or minor deformities that may worsen or interfere with the growth of the child. A very deep Cup allows maximum control of anterior tarsal (cuboid, scaphoid and the three cuneiform) and hind Tarsus (Astragalus and calcaneum), while the stabilizing elements matched to biomechanical patches promote the growth of the joints. The orthotics are cut slightly longer, age and child growth curve, allowing him to wear longer.

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For people with diabetes


For people with diabetes
Plantar orthotics optimizes the distribution of Plantar pressure points. Its design is based primarily on the balance between the distribution and the reduction of these pressure points, essential prerequisite for therapeutic effectiveness of this type of brace.

Made from a polynyolene of 2-3 mm thick, the Plantar orthotic insoles are safe skin in people with diabetes. It enables the movement of return and maintains constant body temperature.

The Plantar orthotic insole are equipped with a foam cover, which promotes the prevention and healing of the wounds. Its microcells dampen loads of ground contact. Other types of collections are also available, when diabetes is less severe.

Custom molded, the Plantar orthotic insole is in all respects in accordance with the form and dimensions of the shoe, which allows a careful control of the diabetic foot. It is the ideal reference tool for the purchase of new shoes.

The general appearance of the support can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.
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When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!


When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!

The Plantar fascia orthoics for women are designed for dress shoes or raised heel where space is rather limited. Thanks to its ultra-thin polynyolene plate, it combines comfort, correction and discretion. To provide maximum support to the metatarsal heads and ensure the fair distribution of Plantar pressure, each of the shells that we manufacture is cut with surgical precision. Attentive care is also given to the position of the arches, due to the transfer of the centre of gravity and pressure exerted on each foot.

Three types of cuts are available: cutting under the heel without opening the shoe permitting; the cut in the form of O, to ensure the maximum space; and cutting in the form of U, for high heel shoes. The shell of flesh is enhanced with a glossy finish that requires no maintenance.

The camber of the orthosis must be perfectly adapted to the shoe. The heel height must not exceed 5 cm. Otherwise, it would limit the corrective and therapeutic brace action. It is highly recommended that you give us the shoes so that the future brace is perfectly adjusted.

The general appearance of the brace can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.
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When comfort and wellbeing take precedence above all


Plantar fascia orthotics are manufactured with care. Designed primarily for the comfort and well-being, it relieves the hypersensitivity of the feet.

Offering a more subtle control on the remedial plan, the Plantar fascia (fasciitis) orthotics is no less an excellent protection against injuries caused by walking, for example. It is intended specifically for diabetics whose wounds are slow to heal.

The Plantar fascia orthotics are equipped with elements of intrinsic stabilization that adapt to all types of shoes, boots and booties, regardless of the camber.

Based on a material padded platform, which gives it an instant ease, and comfort the foot orthotics provides support and protection while relieving certain injuries and deformities of the foot.

Buying Plantar fascia orthotics is a wise choice for anyone who displays little of adipose tissue under the Plantar fascia side or disturbances of rheumatoid arthritis.

The general appearance of the insoles can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.

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Exclusive and high-performance


To develop our exclusive range of sophisticated sports Orthotics, orthopedics have consulted hundreds of athletes, amateurs and professionals of high level. Result: after years of research and hard work, orthopedics have created the ultimate sports Orthotics that adapt to practiced discipline: the orthotic sport supports.

Following a review and the recommendations of practitioners, orthopedics are conducting an analysis of irritants and biomechanical constraints. Orthopedics then make corrections depending on requirements and of physical tolerance of the athlete. It is then possible to influence several mechanisms such as phases of the movement, flexion-extension, the return of energy, stimulation of mechanical receptors and the work of certain muscles or tendons special. Thus do we optimize the performance of the athlete.

Depending on the sport, the brace stabilizing elements play a role of stimulation, correction and compensation. They absorb also the shock, even the most violent.

In keeping with the range of foot orthotics, the sport orthotics stands by its resistance to impact, significantly higher than any other similar product on the market.

We sometimes wish climb new heights, down steep slopes or push still further its limits. Then try the sports orthotics to propel themselves to excellence!

Materials are selected according to needs of adhesion elasticity or the control of sweating.

The general appearance of the orthotics can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.

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Both adaptable, flexible and comfortable!


Both adaptable, flexible and comfortable!
Able to submit to tests of impact of more than 1500 kg / 2.5 cm, the Plantar fasciitis orthotic insoles represents the pinnacle of the biomechanical control. And unlike the orthotics that restrict control, it is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability.

Manufactured from polynyolene, the Plantar fasciitis orthotics Bioptimus offers greater flexibility and proves extremely resistant. For optimal effectiveness, it is any designated for anyone who requires support for any event at any time. The larger jigs and lovers of extreme sports, such as cycling or even mountain climbing, will appreciate the robustness and the comfort it provides.

Fitted with stabilizing elements for optimal effect, the Plantar fasciitis orthotics exceeds widely all its competitors for shock absorption.

The general appearance of the support can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.
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plantar fascia orthotics


Plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia orthotics is an orthopedic insole made on measure. It fits into a shoe and is applied to the plantar fascia surface or one of its parts. Consisting of an orthopaedic base and elements of correction to the pathology of each individual, it provides maintenance and comfort. Its advantage is to slow deformations, to avoid or reduce side effects, such as calluses, calluses, Horn, onions and heel pain. This type of brace allows to compensate or correct certain anomalies of the hollow foot, flat foot or the deviated foot, ensuring proper alignment of the joints.
Molded from a Plantar fascia footprint, the Plantar fascia orthotics perfectly married arches and re balance the foot. To ensure the quality of custom Orthotics, they are produced  in special laboratories.

Which makes use of a foot orthotic?
Plantar fascia orthotics are intended to compensate a functional impairment of the foot. Used among all age groups. It is used usually when pain at the foot, calf or ankle, as well as to prevent injuries and reduce mechanical disorders, facilitate mobility and maintain its physical independence.
The solution to many disorders of the foot and ankle through our orthotic or ankle supports.

the medical orthotics
Medical orthotics are prescribed by a practitioner. Made to measure, it improves performance muscles or joints, and provides assured comfort. Medical orthotics allows also to prevent or reduce the pain, while respecting human biomechanical specificity (body movement).
Orthotics to your image for your needs
to benefit from all the advantages of a brace made to measure, it must first undergo a full review that will consider including your biomechanics, the type of shoes you wear regularly, a number of professional factors, such as the position of work, repetitive movements the type of floors (rigid or flexible), the number of consecutive hours in a standing or sitting position, and lifestyle. Contact your specialist for more information.

exclusive Orthotics
Plantar fascia orthotics: a long-term solution.

As a general rule, the Plantar fascia orthotics is a long-term solution. It allows to treat and prevent Horn, ulceration and callus on the foot. It facilitates also the rehabilitation of the foot in case of acute or chronic disease, such as tendonitis, repetitive ankle sprain or fracture because it ensures a better control of posture.

correction insured and guaranteed discretion!
the port of Plantar orthotics is an alternative to surgery and medication. Today, the proportion of people who should undergo a Plantar fascia correction is almost comparable to the proportion of persons who should be prescribing glasses.

 inserting discreetly in most shoes, our Orthotics allow to compensate or correct the deviations of the bone of the foot and the ankle, at the origin of pain that affect the back, hips, legs, knees, ankles or certain joints of the legs and feet.
 in the almost all of the cases, the continuous port of Plantar orthotics contributes to re-balance the foot support points and a normal, painless and easier approach.
 thanks to a patented material, our Orthotics are designed specifically to ensure an optimal biomechanical correction and provide you the comfort which you deprive yourself too long.

our range of foot orthotics comes in eight categories. It's up to you to find out. Good visit!

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Orthotics for hands in ten questions


Orthotics of the hands in ten questions
Very useful in rheumatoid arthritis, foot orthotics to reduce painful sensations, to prevent distortions or make less strenuous daily activities. Take a tour of these miracles in ten questions devices.

1. What is as a brace?
Very useful for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, orthoses are small devices that immobilize or stabilize joints. The goal is to reduce inflammation, facilitate a movement or correct a deformity. Depending on the aims, the characteristics of the product may vary.
2. What is a comprehensive rest brace?
A comprehensive rest orthosis immobilizes the wrist and the whole hand. A partial orthosis immobilizes that a joint or a finger. The asset that it provides to release painful tension, soothe inflammation and reduce contractures. These tools are especially useful when nocturnal inflammatory relapses. This is also the night and during the hours of the day that it is used.
3. What is a partial function brace?
This type of brace also called wrist stabilizing orthosis, or "wrist force" is generally well appreciated by patients during daily activities (household, sports, gardening, hobbies). Gestures become less painful.
4 - Are Murphy rings special Orthotics?
Murphy rings are custom Orthotics of finger, which can correct a nascent deformation. They handicap your usual manual activities, but only the adverse movements in your joints. Their discretion is such that some have not hesitated to make custom Orthotics. However, in addition to their high price, they will require the intervention of a specialist in the event of readjustment.
5 - How should I use a brace?
Depending on the type of orthosis can be distinguished:
The rest Orthotics that must be worn during the hours of rest during the day or night. They allow to reduce inflammation, pain and prevent distortion;
function braces that must be worn during activities to facilitate certain movements or protect certain joints. They reduce joint stress, compensate for failures and reduce the occurrence of deformities.
6 - Should opt for a custom-made brace or orthosis of series?
Comfort, lightness, ease of maintenance and the possibility of editing are the most important points in the choice of a brace. Thus, specialists prefer better suited custom orthotics. But in all cases, to verify the benefit brought by the port of the orthosis comparing the possible activities with or without. If it is brace on measurement, do not hesitate to re - contact the professional who made you it. It must bring you total comfort; irritation at the points of support is a sign of necessary editing.
If you opt for a brace of series, check the quality of the orthosis by trying several times if required prior to purchase.
7 - What health professionals do?
Custom-made Orthotics are performed by orthopedic surgeons-Orthotists, occupational therapists or the prosthesis. Physiotherapists or doctors may carry out simpler devices.
8 - What are the materials used?
Sometime in plaster, orthoses are today made using thermoplastic materials. Lighter, they are also more tailored, more comfortable, more aesthetic and can be modified. Some function Orthotics can also be made of leather.

9 - What is the support of such equipment?
Orthotics are prescribed by a physician or a rheumatologist. If you have a supported 100% by social security for your arthritis, this device is fully supported. Otherwise, partial support (to 70%) is usually assured. Your complementary health can optionally support supplement depending on the subscribed contract. Attention however, some equipment require prior agreement. Do not buy your brace before obtaining the social security agreement to not see his refund questioned.
10 - What are the specific tips to choose a good brace?
Before buying your brace, learn about the operating mode, guarantees and support from the vendor.
Comprehensive Orthotics of rest must be checked at least once a year and be rehabilitated if necessary.
But regardless of the type of appliances, discomfort must lead to make an appointment with the person who made you it. If necessary, it can be readjusted.
Attention however, a stiffening at the end of a night of wearing a brace overall is not a sign of a bad adaptation of the device. To reduce this, dip your fingers in hot water and stir.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gel heel cups

You can buy gel heel cups online these shoe inserts will protect your feet and heel from any unwanted damage  They are quite clever and innovative really as they will cushion your heel and stop the build up of pressure in one place and instead spread the pressure thus making it less damaging. The pressure build up tends to be caused by gravity and body-weight but gel heel cups makes this worry easily forgotten about and no more pain in the foot!
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Running insoles made for runners!

Running insoles are made for runners if you get a pair of running and sports insoles to replace your plain old flat insoles in your shoes or trainers you will take the steps needed to run faster, longer, more comfortable and without worry of getting problems like plantar faciitis which i can tell you you really don't want to develop as it can bring a whole world of problems from heel spurs to foot pain.
If you get plantar faciitis caused by damage to the plantar fascia that can occur if you don't where the right fitting shoes or insoles with the right support and shock absorbing properties.

Combat this all with a pair of affordable under £10 pair of running insoles. Running insoles have also been shown to reduce strain on your knees as well because the running insoles absorb more of the harmful shock that can happen when you stamp on the floor whilst you are running.

Remember prevention is far safer and a better bet than risking actually getting a problem in the first place!
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Heel grips

In my last article I explained a lot about plantar faciitis and how you can get it. A reason that i said was because of ill fitting shoes. Badly fitted shoes will mean that you feet will not be supported in the proper position also your feet maybe constantly slipping around and rubbing with the material of the shoes and this may lead to you getting plantar faciitis. However a simple solution can be found that will mean you don't always have to throw out a stylish pair of shoes just because they don't fit. Heel grips will stabilize your heel and make sure it doesn't slip around. The heel grips as the name suggest will grip your heel meaning no more slipping in the heel.

Heel grips are very affordable, often costing no more than a couple pounds online, and can be used on virtually any of you pairs of shoes... however buying a pair of orthotic insoles and plantar faciitis insoles is much more recommended but  if you cannot find a right pair of those insoles then a alternative that will be something that will be light weight and much more cheaper then heel grips are for you.

I have done all the hard work for you and have found a great little site that sells heel grips

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What is plantar faciitis and how insoles can help you with the symptoms

Plantar faciitis is a foot problem that occurs when the plantar fascia gets damaged and inflamed.
A larger proportion of people suffer from this problem (1% of the population) but many people don't however even know they are suffering from it... only if symptoms are severe will they go see a doctor whom will diagnose it.
There are lots of different symptoms which differ in severity that can result in having plantar faciitis including foot cramps, pain and heel spurs.

Usually if treated correctly plantar faciitis can be cured within the space of a year or sooner depending how bad it is.... But how do you treat it? Well your body will repair the tear or inflammation in your plantar fascia by itself but to help this process it is a good idea to make sure that you solve what has caused it to prevent further damage and where shoes and insoles that fit well and offer the right support. You can buy plantar faciitis insoles which will help support you and ease the foot pain symptoms and will help the recovery process.
Usually plantar faciitis is caused by ill fitting shoes.. so either throw them away or actually that may not be needed and all you need to do is fit in a pair of those plantar faciitis insoles instead. These specialized insoles designed for people with or wanting to prevent getting plantar faciitis have been specially adapted to be abloe to support you foot in its natural shape and position to ensure that there is less risk to tearing the plantar fascia plus the extra arch support that they provide will mean the arch on your foot where the plantar fascia is located will not be under as much strain from your body weight and the pressure that gravity puts on it.
The arch on your feet have are under the constant pressure from your body-weight when you stand and have to undergo the constant shock from your feet hitting the floor when you have to take step when walking.
The arch on your foot is is therefore crucial and damage to this part may cause pain every time you walk... So doing something to prevent this is the best bet.

Plantar faciitis insoles also strengthen the muscles around the arch and plantar fascia meaning that the arch becomes stronger at withstanding shock and better at supporting you. Also this is good as this will help to prevent problems in later life because as you all know your muscles and tissues weaken as you get older... so strengthening them now is all ways a good idea for the future.

Got any question?

Ask me then using the comment feature below...
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Friday, 15 March 2013

For those of you are wishing you where taller

W would all like to be taller if where honest.. so i guess this blog post is really for everybody. Okay so if you wanting or hoping to find a way to get taller let me help you out a little and suggest you may want to look into buying a pair of height increasing insoles. It beats doing loads of troublesome height exercises that can not only take up a large proportion of your time also require you to do them as often as possible to ensure results. Results are not even half as good as the ones you can get by wearing shoe lifts.
Instead of doing stretching exercises try some height increasing insoles.. you wont regret it.

Or you could do both and be even taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaler!

I found out about these after stumbling across another blog that i found online after searching for ways to grow taller... i was very happy to hear stretching exercises were no my only option!

The insoles are similar to many normal insoles as they are simple to put in your shoes.. but are far more comfortable than normal insoles because they have added bonuses of orthotics which really add to the comfort and absorb pressure and spread the pressure evenly throughout your heel where pressure can build.

So if you like me and want to grow taller but a nit lazy and cant be bothered to put in hours of stretching exercises day's on end then go see them for yourself.

Be sure to re visit my blog again some time where i will add more posts like this one that will hopefully help you.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Just a hello.

Just thought i would start the ball rolling of my new blog by introducing myself and saying hello. I know obviously my blog will need to grow bigger for it to have followers and readers but everyone has to start somewhere and this is my starting point. Well anyway hello and welcome to my personal blog where i will be sharing with you my personal opinions and stuff... My friends actually got me into blogging you can find there blog here.(thought i would link to there hello page as well to demonstrate that everyone must begin somewhere and work themselves up to the top).

This blog may become the best blog ever or i may forget about it and never blog on it again..who knows only time will tell. I will make sure though it is not the later and i will try my best to make this blog one of the best ever....hopefully anyways.
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