Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!

When comfort, correction and discretion are as one!

The Plantar fascia orthoics for women are designed for dress shoes or raised heel where space is rather limited. Thanks to its ultra-thin polynyolene plate, it combines comfort, correction and discretion. To provide maximum support to the metatarsal heads and ensure the fair distribution of Plantar pressure, each of the shells that we manufacture is cut with surgical precision. Attentive care is also given to the position of the arches, due to the transfer of the centre of gravity and pressure exerted on each foot.

Three types of cuts are available: cutting under the heel without opening the shoe permitting; the cut in the form of O, to ensure the maximum space; and cutting in the form of U, for high heel shoes. The shell of flesh is enhanced with a glossy finish that requires no maintenance.

The camber of the orthosis must be perfectly adapted to the shoe. The heel height must not exceed 5 cm. Otherwise, it would limit the corrective and therapeutic brace action. It is highly recommended that you give us the shoes so that the future brace is perfectly adjusted.

The general appearance of the brace can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.


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