Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tibial braces and ankle supports

The new standard of the medical industry

Tibial braces and ankle supports are an effective solution to multiple disorders of the foot and ankle. These devices are necessary again and again in the medical industry thanks to their comfort, their mobility, their flexibility and their possibilities of adjustment on measurement.

Among the wide range of tibial braces and ankle supports, clinicians will be able to focus the options that best suit the needs of their patients.

Expertly designed and manufactured custom, our tibial orthetics and ankle unbecoming to rehabilitation, to the practice of some sports and everyday activities, particularly well. They provide increased support and optimum alignment, prevent or correct various malformations, promote the mobility and relieve various ailments and symptoms. Remaining at the forefront in the design and manufacture, our tibial braces and ankle supports are the new standard of the medical industry.

• Model short or long (Pediatric)
• Articulated hinge (total bending, fixing, temporary or permanent)
• Continuation of the dorsal flexion of the foot (with or without subsequent stop)
• Orthotic full leg non articulated for the retention or brace articulated for mobility
The polynyolene
The fruit of an intelligent search

In 1987,laboratories started working to develop polynyolene, a synthetic resin smart and revolutionary, intended for the manufacture of the used moulding orthotic shell. The polynyolene allows us to fabricate custom Orthotics custom flexibility and elasticity yet unmatched to date. It has feature to resume its shape even after being subjected to extreme twist, flexion and extension movements. Firm enough to provide excellent support and resilient enough to absorb the shocks, the polynyolene is located in the heart of the biomechanical advance of our orthotics.


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