Wednesday, 24 April 2013

For people with diabetes

For people with diabetes
Plantar orthotics optimizes the distribution of Plantar pressure points. Its design is based primarily on the balance between the distribution and the reduction of these pressure points, essential prerequisite for therapeutic effectiveness of this type of brace.

Made from a polynyolene of 2-3 mm thick, the Plantar orthotic insoles are safe skin in people with diabetes. It enables the movement of return and maintains constant body temperature.

The Plantar orthotic insole are equipped with a foam cover, which promotes the prevention and healing of the wounds. Its microcells dampen loads of ground contact. Other types of collections are also available, when diabetes is less severe.

Custom molded, the Plantar orthotic insole is in all respects in accordance with the form and dimensions of the shoe, which allows a careful control of the diabetic foot. It is the ideal reference tool for the purchase of new shoes.

The general appearance of the support can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.


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