Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Both adaptable, flexible and comfortable!

Both adaptable, flexible and comfortable!
Able to submit to tests of impact of more than 1500 kg / 2.5 cm, the Plantar fasciitis orthotic insoles represents the pinnacle of the biomechanical control. And unlike the orthotics that restrict control, it is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability.

Manufactured from polynyolene, the Plantar fasciitis orthotics Bioptimus offers greater flexibility and proves extremely resistant. For optimal effectiveness, it is any designated for anyone who requires support for any event at any time. The larger jigs and lovers of extreme sports, such as cycling or even mountain climbing, will appreciate the robustness and the comfort it provides.

Fitted with stabilizing elements for optimal effect, the Plantar fasciitis orthotics exceeds widely all its competitors for shock absorption.

The general appearance of the support can vary depending on the patient's morphology, changes and required recoveries.


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