Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Designed specifically for children

Technologically advanced design, the Pediatech foot orthotic provides biomechanical control at the height of the intensity of children!

Available in various printed motifs that will appeal to children, the Plantar fascia orthotic insoles are composed of a polynyolene flexible and thin shell, favourable to the growth of the feet. However, it is rigid enough to correct the position of the feet and the approach of the child. This shell acts directly on the nerve endings that collect the sensations coming from the Interior of the body. These endings are located mainly in antagonist muscles. The orthotic insoles main function is to permanently correct the gait disorders arising from weaknesses and defects of posture of the feet. Stress caused by impacts or premature wear-resistant, it protects the plantar surface. It is any designated solution for the practice of certain activities such as skateboarding and cycling, submitting feet harsh tests.

Not only do the insoles realign the foot and its bony segments, but it also allows to optimize the mechanical progress. It acts immediately on deviations or minor deformities that may worsen or interfere with the growth of the child. A very deep Cup allows maximum control of anterior tarsal (cuboid, scaphoid and the three cuneiform) and hind Tarsus (Astragalus and calcaneum), while the stabilizing elements matched to biomechanical patches promote the growth of the joints. The orthotics are cut slightly longer, age and child growth curve, allowing him to wear longer.


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