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plantar fascia orthotics

Plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia orthotics is an orthopedic insole made on measure. It fits into a shoe and is applied to the plantar fascia surface or one of its parts. Consisting of an orthopaedic base and elements of correction to the pathology of each individual, it provides maintenance and comfort. Its advantage is to slow deformations, to avoid or reduce side effects, such as calluses, calluses, Horn, onions and heel pain. This type of brace allows to compensate or correct certain anomalies of the hollow foot, flat foot or the deviated foot, ensuring proper alignment of the joints.
Molded from a Plantar fascia footprint, the Plantar fascia orthotics perfectly married arches and re balance the foot. To ensure the quality of custom Orthotics, they are produced  in special laboratories.

Which makes use of a foot orthotic?
Plantar fascia orthotics are intended to compensate a functional impairment of the foot. Used among all age groups. It is used usually when pain at the foot, calf or ankle, as well as to prevent injuries and reduce mechanical disorders, facilitate mobility and maintain its physical independence.
The solution to many disorders of the foot and ankle through our orthotic or ankle supports.

the medical orthotics
Medical orthotics are prescribed by a practitioner. Made to measure, it improves performance muscles or joints, and provides assured comfort. Medical orthotics allows also to prevent or reduce the pain, while respecting human biomechanical specificity (body movement).
Orthotics to your image for your needs
to benefit from all the advantages of a brace made to measure, it must first undergo a full review that will consider including your biomechanics, the type of shoes you wear regularly, a number of professional factors, such as the position of work, repetitive movements the type of floors (rigid or flexible), the number of consecutive hours in a standing or sitting position, and lifestyle. Contact your specialist for more information.

exclusive Orthotics
Plantar fascia orthotics: a long-term solution.

As a general rule, the Plantar fascia orthotics is a long-term solution. It allows to treat and prevent Horn, ulceration and callus on the foot. It facilitates also the rehabilitation of the foot in case of acute or chronic disease, such as tendonitis, repetitive ankle sprain or fracture because it ensures a better control of posture.

correction insured and guaranteed discretion!
the port of Plantar orthotics is an alternative to surgery and medication. Today, the proportion of people who should undergo a Plantar fascia correction is almost comparable to the proportion of persons who should be prescribing glasses.

 inserting discreetly in most shoes, our Orthotics allow to compensate or correct the deviations of the bone of the foot and the ankle, at the origin of pain that affect the back, hips, legs, knees, ankles or certain joints of the legs and feet.
 in the almost all of the cases, the continuous port of Plantar orthotics contributes to re-balance the foot support points and a normal, painless and easier approach.
 thanks to a patented material, our Orthotics are designed specifically to ensure an optimal biomechanical correction and provide you the comfort which you deprive yourself too long.

our range of foot orthotics comes in eight categories. It's up to you to find out. Good visit!


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